• CE-683 ZrO2
    CE-683 ZrO2

    CE-683, ZrO2 rings & balls, PEEK cage

  • 608 Hybrid inline bearing
    608 Hybrid inline be

    TOJO 608 Hybrid inline bearing has 6pcs Si3N4 balls,special nylon cage & special lubrication oil. It has high speed & long runing time.So it is very good for the roller skates & skateboard.

  • CE-6003 with PTFE seal
    CE-6003 with PTFE se

    CE-6003, ZrO2 rings & balls, PTFE cage, both sides PTFE seals.

  • ZrO2 valve
    ZrO2 valve

    We have our professional engineers, so we can produce the special parts according to the drawings or samples from the cusotmers, we also can design the special parts according to customers' special applications. We designed this ZrO2 valve for our customer in Italy.

  • Si3N4 rollers
    Si3N4 rollers

    TOJO has different balls & rollers in different materials, the materials can be: Plastic:POM,Teflon,PEEK...... Steel:Carbon steel,100Cr6(AISI52100),AISI440, AISI420,AISI316L,AISI304...... Ceramic:ZrO2,Si3N4,Al2O3 The precision grades can be G5,G10,G16,G20,G40,G100......

  • Black POM bearing
    Black POM bearing

    Material POM and PA have excellent mechanical strength and wearing resistance, which is suitable for manufacturing precision plastic bearings with good self-lubrication performance and low friction coefficients. In the base of traditional advantages of plastic bearing, it can be also used in exact and high-speed running. Plastic bearing made with POM is the most extensive sort of all the plastic bearings. Generally the inner and outer rings made with POM or PA, cage made with PA66 and the balls made with glass, stainless steel or ceramic. These bearings could be used in alkali environment but not proper to acid environment.

  • ZrO2 Spherical Plain Bearings
    ZrO2 Spherical Plain

    Full ceramic bearing of full complement balls has an add-ball gap on its side. Because using no retainer design, the bearing is able to install more ceramic balls than the standard construction, so the heavier load ability increased more. In addition, to avoid the limited of the retainer’s material, this bearing is same as the full ceramic bearing of ceramic cage has corrosion resistance and high temperature application. This series of bearing is not for high –speed choice, it should be to install on the unforced side.

  • AISI440 Hybrid 16007 FULLBALL
    AISI440 Hybrid 16007

    We can make the fullball bearings according to customers' requests, the rings can be ceramic, plastic or steel material, the balls can be steel or ceramic material. Normally these bearings are used in low speed but big load applications. This Hybrid bearing 16007 has AISI440 rings & Si3N4 balls, it is for our customer in Switzerland.

  • AISI440 Hybrid bearing
    AISI440 Hybrid beari

    TOJO Hybrid Bearings are good for High Speed, Insulation,Long-term running & Anti-corrosion applications, our bearings can be used in food industry, Motor, Fishing pole, Coffee mchine,Roller skates..... This special bearing is for our customer in Germany.

  • PEEK Roller Bearings
    PEEK Roller Bearings

    As newly developing engineering plastic material, PEEK and PI have been approved have the strongest mechanical strength and could endure the highest temperature among all the plastic materials. PEEK could work at 260℃ and PI at 300℃ in long-term. Moreover they have excellent anti-corrosion performance which could be used easily in strong acid & alkali environment. So generally they are used to manufacture bearings to realize precision running in rigor environment. As the material is expensive, the costs are high.

  • PEEK Bearing
    PEEK Bearing

    PEEK 2205 with PEEK rings, ZrO2 balls & Nylon cage. This bearing is for our customer from South Korea.

  • POM screw
    POM screw

    We have professional engineers, so we can make the special parts according to the drawings or samples from the cusotmers, we also can design the special parts according to customers' special applications.

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SS-Thrust Ball Bearing

SS-Thrust Ball Bearing

TOJO can provide SS-bearings in different materials according to the requirements of the working environment, just like SUS440C, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L & SUS304. Stainless steel bearings compare with common steel bearings, under the condition of common steel bearings cannot be used, can accord different working condition to choose homologous stainless steel bearings. Stainless steel bearing has its particular use capability, widely acclimation, acid based-resistance, corrosion-resistance, can used in seawater, river water, distilled water, watery nitric acid, oceanic climate, steam and other corrosive medium. And also has its specialty such as suitable for high temperature, can used in range of -253℃~350℃ working temperature. SUS440C is martensite stainless steel, SUS304, SUS316L is austenitic stainless steel. Austenitic stainless steel cannot been quenched, so the rigidity is not good, such material bearings can only used in low speed and load occasion. But austenitic stainless steel has the advantage such like nonmagnetic and corrosion-resisting.

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